Pure African Mango Extract

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African Mango Extract 10:1 may help burns fat and increase energy production

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African Mango Extract Pure 10:1


Made popular by Dr Oz, the seeds of the fleshy African Mango also known as Irvingia gabonesis have been found to cause weight loss and reduce body fat. Even more impressive, is this fruit also has some other beneficial attributes like reducing the hunger hormone leptin, and even cholesterol levels. And unlike many fad diet supplement crazes this one actually has the studies to back it up!

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Lipids in Health and Disease, subjects who took just 1.05 g of African Mango seed extract three times daily for one month showed significant body weight loss, body fat loss and a reduction in waist circumference. During the one-month study period all subjects were on the same calorie diet evaluated every week by a diet record book. At the end, the mean body weight of the group receiving the African Mango seed was decreased by 5.26 +/- 2.37%! And that was just after one month of treatment, without exercise!

Further research showed that taking just 150 mg of African Mango seed extract, twice daily 30 to 60 minutes prior to lunch and dinner for 10-weeks, also resulted in significant improvements in body weight, body fat, waist circumference, and markers of health including reduced total cholesterol, lower blood glucose, and lower levels of hormones involved in weight loss including adiponectin and leptin. When adiponectin is high, fat metabolism is turned on, while leptin helps keep appetite in-check.

African Mango seed extract seems to work on a few mechanisms of weight loss, by reducing appetite, reducing fat cell metabolism, boosting breakdown and utilization of fat as fuel, improving blood glucose levels, as well as reducing blood cholesterol levels! Research suggests it is the high fiber content of the African Mango seed extract that assists in many of its weight loss benefits.

African Mango is grown on trees in Central and West Africa. The flesh is eaten as a source of soluble fiber, but it’s the seed or nut that offers up the most weight loss benefit. This seed extract is sold in powder, pill or even liquid format as a weight loss and fat burning supplement. It has also been found combined with other potent weight loss supplements for even better results. Combined with Cissus quadrangularis, also resulted in significant weight loss after 10 weeks of supplementation.

Although, the results on African Mango seed extract are all promising and show significant results, it should be noted that just like all diet supplements there is no magic pill, or replacement for proper diet and exercise. To lose weight, reduce body fat and achieve better overall health you should combine all three! You can find African Mango seed extract on its own or combined with other effective weight loss and fat burning ingredients. Consult your health care provider before taking African Mango seed extract or any other weight loss supplement.

Ingredients: 100% African Mango Extract


* May Help to lose fat and a great thermogenic supplement

* Excellent Anti-Oxidant & Metabolism booster

* May help suppressing appetite and may be found to work as a body weight loss supplement

* 50 grams of pure African Mango Extract

For best results consume African Mango Extract twice daily before meals with 250mls of water and stir well.
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