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Creatine Hydrochloride Pharmaceutical Grade is the most powerful and intense form of creatine in existence on the market today!

Creatine Hcl was discovered quite by accident during the synthesizing of the ingredients needed to make creatine ethyl ester back in 2003.

Not to be confused with Creatine Ethyl Ester. Creatine HCL is a totally different form of creatine.

Once discovered the manufacturers began studying this new form of creatine and its effectiveness. They soon found out that compared to creatine monohydrate, creatine hcl was far superior in every way as shown below:

  • Molecular stability
  • Solubility (how well it dissolves in water)
  • Plasma uptake into the blood stream and then the muscle cells

Virtually conversion to creatinine**

** creatinine is an unwanted byproduct produced by creatine monohydrate.

Creatine HCL is 59 times more absorbent than Creatine Monohydrate. Studies also revealed that creatine hcl was more effective than:

  • Creatine ethyl ester
  • Kre-alkalyn
  • Facts from Creatine HCL studies:
  • 189% Improved Muscle Creatine Absorption
  • The Power of 5g of Creatine in 1g of Creatine HCL
  • 400% Increase in Dose Efficiency to Enhance Athletic Performance*


* No loading Phase

* No Cycling on and off

* No Bloating

* No Water Retention

* May help build muscle and increase strength

Due to it's amazing absorption, Creatine HCL needs only to be taken once a day.

Non Workout days:

* Take 1 Scoop per 45kg of body weight (about 1 gram) on Non workout days.

* Take 1 serving in the morning.

Workout Days:

* Take 1-2 serving 60 minutes before your workout.

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Best Creatine ever used!

By: on 13 June 2017
Creatine HCL works like a charm my strength has increased dramatically! Love this stuff.

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